Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holly madison. Mega.

Holly madison. New pics from google.

holly madisonholly madisonholly madisonholly madisonholly madison
Tube socks and shoes with a question? Ok, so I want to move on Holly Madison look, the cute little jean skirt, white tube socks with small colored stripes at the top, but what kind of shoes, I know, she wears light-colored shoes, but I want my shoes to go with all of my outfits. I thought of white Pumas like http / / www.footlocker.com / catalog / Production ... But I can do this kind of white socks with dress, how they prefer http / / www.wetseal.com / catalog / product.j ... or not? .. I do not want to look slutty just maybe cute for those between the spring weather we are having. I will look for me in style or just crazy?
Watch her N U D E video here!

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